Win Today Wellness Seminars

Win Today Wellness Solution Seminars are a collection of powerful health and wellness programs presented by our team of expert presenters (Medical Physicians, Registered Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists and Nurses). These seminars are designed to help your organization take the lead in improving productivity and maximizing your company’s greatest asset-employee health, fitness and clarity.

Personal Wellness Solution Seminars can be delivered in various formats

  1. Webinars(1-2 hour programs)
  2. On-site Seminars(1-2 hour programs)
  3. Workshops(1/2 or full-day programs)

 *Select Seminars and workshops are also available in DVD format.

Win Today Wellness presenters provide your organization with all the education, resources and support needed to take the lead in business and life, conveniently and affordably.

“What’s Your Why? The Power Of Purpose”©LENGTH: 1.5, 3 or 6 hour Workshop programs available
(Also available: What’s Your Why-The Power of Purpose© Annual Corporate Campaign-Please contact Mark Newstrom for details)

We know that happiness and social connection can have positive benefits on health. Now new research suggests that having a sense of purpose or direction in life may be one of the most significant factors to changing and changing for good.

Sean Foy, co-author of the New York Times #1 best selling book, “The Daniel Plan”, author of the proven metabolic makeover book, “The Burst Workout” and Founder and President of Personal Wellness Corporation, shares with you five clues to help you uncover your motivation and passion, in what he calls, “What is Your Why-The Power of Purpose”.

What’s Your Why-The Power of Purpose” © is a one of a kind personal development and well-being program designed to empower your employees, family members and community partners to live healthier, happier and more purpose filled lives. In this interactive workshop participants will discover:

  1. Buried Treasure: The search for meaning, purpose and change
  2. The Science of “Why”: Historical & recent research on the power of purpose
  3. The “Why” of Wellness: A Personal Rx for fitness, health and well-being
  4. Your One Thing: Finding your Passion & Motivation to live well
  5. Crafting Your “Why”: Putting your “Why” into words and action

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Fitness That Works: How to Make Exercise Happen Between 9–5LENGTH: 1, 3 or 6 hour programs available

What if you could offer a proven, turn-key intervention program to help your employees “move more” throughout their busy work day? The answer starts with the Fitness That Works program, which focuses on seven “Simple Moves” that have been proven to:
• Increase work productivity
• Lower body weight and improve self image
• Fight office fatigue and “sitting disease”
• Reduce workplace stress
• Lower blood pressure and related health risks
• Enhance creativity and memory
• Improve overall fitness and appearance
And much, much more.

Sean Foy, President and founder of Win Today Wellness, is an exercise physiologist, author and behavioral coach who will introduce you to this simple and practical approach that makes fitness a reality.  He’ll share with you the seven “Simple Moves” from his new WELCOA book, “Fitness That Works” and demonstrate how to practically help employees realize their health and fitness goals between 9 to 5.  In a fun, upbeat and interactive presentation, Sean will help you to:
• Discover what makes you “want” to move
• Uncover your Fitness That Works Personality Profile and the best exercises for you
• Learn Seven Simple moves that will permanently change your body, business and life
• Leave with a proven, step by step, Fitness That Works Plan for you and your company
• Begin a “fitness movement” in your workplace and community
Fitness That Works will create movement in your workplace, empowering employees to become healthier, more focused and ultimately, more effective.

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The Burst WorkoutLENGTH: 1, 3 or 6 hour programs available

Not enough time to exercise? Not any more! Created by an award-winning health and fitness coach, Sean Foy, MA, The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough counters the #1 reason why most of us don’t exercise-lack of time. In an interactive and fun presentation, Sean will take you through a one of a kind fitness experience. You will learn how to reap the benefits of a regular exercise regimen, with improved fitness markers across the board – weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, cholesterol, energy, strength, flexibility, endurance, and more in just 10 minutes a day.
This ingenious, step-by-step, program of daily 10-minute workouts can be done anytime, anywhere – your home, office, hotel room, and of course the local health club and Sean will show you how easy fitness can be!  Get ready to move and have some fun!
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“The Secret Formula” How to Halt the Aging ProcessLENGTH: 1–2 hours

Join health and wellness expert Sean Foy, as he takes you through an interactive experience as he shares the latest research in slowing the aging process and show participants a scientifically proven, clinically tested, government approved secret formula that is proven to:
• Increase productivity
• Decrease the risk of heart disease
• Increase a sluggish metabolism
• Increase energy
• Decrease body fat Increase strength
• Decrease the risk of osteoporosis
• Decrease stress
• Decrease anxiety
• Slow the aging process

This unique presentation will show participants the “secret formula” that will allow them to have the healthy, productive and vibrant life they have always wanted! Get ready to turn back the clock!
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How to Lose Body Fat While You SleepLENGTH: 1–2 hours

Description:  Win Today Wellness proudly presents the “How to lose body fat while you sleep” program!  A revolutionary program that transforms a fat storing body into a fat burning machine!  This is a proven program that empowers your body to start working for you instead of against you!  You can have the trim, healthy fit body you want and still enjoy eating.  Instead of starving your body, instead of dieting, you can reach your desired results by following sound, proven healthy principles designed & tested by Personally Fit LLC.  In a motivational and educational format individuals will learn techniques to rev-up a sluggish metabolism, secrets to tone and firm their body, strategies to increase vitality and energy, proven steps to decrease unwanted body fat even while they sleep!
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Sean Foy Video Clips

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