Plain and simple, Exercise is medicine. In fact, if exercise came in pill form it would be the most powerful and effective medicine the world has ever known. Still, despite its effectiveness, exercise remains elusive for many working Americans. That’s why I’ve asked Sean Foy, one of the nation’s leading experts on exercise and health, to write “Fitness That Works”. Soon you’ll see that Fitness That Works: Simple Moves To Make Exercise Happen From 9 To 5, is unlike other fitness manuals. Indeed, what’s unique about this book is that it provides guidance for working men and women and actually gets them up and moving at work—something that’s essential to preserving human health. And by engaging everyone, this book has the power to change lives and transform organizational culture. By leveraging simple moves that have HUGE payoff , this book will impact you and your organization in important ways. Not only will you become healthier, you’ll also become happier, more productive and more engaged. And thanks to Sean Foy and his unique insights, the formula for becoming more fi t is a simple one.

In closing, I’d like to thank Sean Foy for his contributions, insights, passion, and enthusiasm—there are few people as well-equipped to address this topic as Sean. And in just a few pages you’ll see firsthand the power of Sean’s simple and fun fitness moves. Best of luck to you on your journey to master Fitness That Works: Simple Moves To Make Exercise Happen From 9 To 5.

– David Hunnicutt, PhD, former President Wellness Council of America

City-County Health Department, Great Falls Montana

I cannot begin to tell people how important Sean’s workshops are for businesses, medical providers, educators, law enforcement, churches, youth, etc.! We had 60 businesses and worksite wellness team members the first day and 25 state health promotion and cancer screening coordinators the second day. Our Montana Cancer Control Program which is part of the state’s Chronic Disease Bureau sponsored the workshops.

Whether you provide worksite well-being or not at your site, employees need to know their “Why”. Sean helps them get to that even if it is just one word to start with. As we learned from Sean, when you know your “Why” you know your “Way” and your “What”!
Health and well-being also happens when people know their deeper “Why”.

So good!

– Penny Paul, Health Promotion Specialist
City-County Health Department, Great Falls Montana

Great Falls City Attorney's Office

I recently attended the “What’s Your Why” seminar with Sean Foy. Simply amazing! Sean obviously has a personal, heartfelt desire to help as many as he can with his well thought out testimony and knowledge. He spoke to us like he was speaking to a member of his own family. The beauty is the simplicity of the “Why” concept. Most of us struggle with health and wellness which can be very overwhelming and stressful. Our “Why” seems to propel us forward beyond the stress. We all have a “Why”, we just need to dig deep and find it! Sean’s enthusiasm is so contagious that I’m working to get the staff of our City Prosecutor’s Office up and physically moving and finding their “Why”!

– Charlotte Graves
Legal Secretary/ Wellness Team Member, Great Falls City Attorney’s Office

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Helena, MT

Our public health employees and contractors are raving about their experiences and take-aways from Sean’s “What’s Your Why” training. Our time together was individually rewarding, as well as one of the best group bonding experiences we’ve had. Sean and his staff are impeccable to work with, and Sean’s genuine care for the subject matter and participants shines through.

– Leah Merchant, Montana Cancer Control Programs
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Helena, MT


During a two month period I was tasked with planning a series of seminars across the State of Tennessee.  Sean Foy was invited to be my keynote speaker for each event.  Sean’s enthusiasm, formidable speaking skills, and a timely and well researched message made our seminars a huge success.  At every event, I had people come to me expressing a wish to “get his number”.  Also, my experience with the Personal Wellness staff was exceptional.  On a more personal note, Sean is a delightful person who genuinely cares about improving people’s lives.  I got to know him a little and now consider him a friend

– Ron Trammel MSN, MBA, CPHQ
Manager, Health Promotion & Education, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee


We’ve worked with Personal Wellness & Sean Foy for over 22 years now. Our business is nutrition and wellness and Personal Wellness has really helped us solidify the whole wellness aspect of our business. They have raised awareness of personal responsibility for wellness with employees and helped identify numerous health risks such as cancer, prostate issues, and diabetes in early stages. This has prevented much more serious problems later on. Our employees and guests now have specific information, which can help them improve their life style. The personal coaching they have offered us has been great. And best of all, they are kind, caring people.

– Lisa Rehnborg, Director of Corporate Culture, Nutrilite Products Inc.


Personal Wellness has supported our wellness center with various seminars now for about 18 months. Each month they speak on an aspect of living a healthy life. They share a lot of facts, research and true-life success stories that inspire all who attend. We’ve had quite a number of people who attend repeatedly and as a result enrolled in our physical education classes. One month Sean Foy’s topic was “How To Lose Body Fat While You Sleep”. The very next month a man came up and thanked me. He had taken Sean’s advice and lost eighteen pounds. That’s really inspiring! Every month I leave the seminar thinking how we can beat this one and then a month later we have another and I’m thinking the same thing all over again. I highly recommend these seminars to everyone.

– Lori Davis, Wellness Director, Fullerton College-Virginia Schoepe Wellness Center


Personal Wellness Solution seminars have kept us moving in the direction of wellness and health. Saint Jude Medical no longer just provides health care services. We provide (holistic) health services. The big value is they make people health conscious. Personal Wellness speakers are on the cutting edge of health awareness. Their lectures have by far been some of the biggest draws we’ve ever had. Having access to pertinent, clinical, well-researched information is very valuable. Vitamins and lifestyle are extremely important and have become more top-of-mind with people. Personal Wellness provides this information allowing people to make sound decisions about their health. They take the time and energy to really understand what people’s needs are. They help them solve problems and make informed decisions about their health. They have a unique way of working in partnership with individuals.

– Alain Jourdier, Marketing Director,  St. Judes Medical Center-St. Joseph’s Health Care System


In planning our upcoming health fair, Personal Wellness & Sean Foy were among the first names mentioned. They are very well thought of here and out in the community

– Debbie Hehn, Supervisor Employee Services, Beckman Coulter Inc.


Sean Foy’s “10 Minute Total Body Breakthrough” was rated 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5! This is an excellent rating and we were delighted by Sean’s performance! Sean was mentioned by a large group of attendees as the best part of their day. Sean’s 10-minute workout was listed by many as something they will change about their daily life and try to do as a result of attending this conference! Sean’s knowledge and passion and sharing with a group of women was invaluable for their lives and for their health. We can’t thank him enough for helping create a wonderful day for our attendees.

– Melody Parry, Event Coordinator, Speaking of Women’s Health  


Sean’s simple, practical message to improving health truly resonated with our attendees. His engaging presentation style made him a huge hit at our wellness conference.

– Cameron Black, Health & Wellness Director, Ollis & Company, Inc.


AMC has a long standing history of providing our General Managers access to excellent resources at the AMC Leadership Conference. However, for the first time, the AMC LiveWell team played a large supporting role in choosing menus, providing fitness activities and health education. Having Sean Foy compliment our line-up was perfect! He was engaging, connected well with our CEO and CPO on stage while teaching our audience of 400 attendees that exercise can be a part of their everyday lives. He stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle and made it fun. Additionally, he took the time to listen to individual stories and lend expert advice; a very nice personal touch.

Carla Sanders, Vice President Human Resource Services, AMC Entertainment Inc. 


When Pastor Rick Warren wanted to create the fitness pillar of The Daniel Plan, he and I turned to Sean Foy. Sean’s voice is inspirational. His advice, based on the latest science, is solid, fun, empathic, and no one can argue with the results he gets. He’s the real deal.

Dee Eastman, International Director, The Daniel Plan


Sean’s presentation was absolutely amazing!  He has an ability to connect with people and motivate them to truly dig deep and be their best.  Not only is Sean engaging, but he has a genuine love for people.  He is kind and wants only to help you understand your purpose and move forward from the past!  Refreshing!

Susanne Koch, MS, ACSM-HFS, PES Worksite Wellness Coordinator Georgia Department of Public Health

After attending WELCOA’s National Summit in San Diego I knew that Sean was exactly what the Georgia Department of Public Health’s employees needed. A push in the right direction.

Sean Foy has the unique ability to engage participants on an individualized basis – tapping the innermost building blocks of one’s self – purpose. His love of people is evident in all that he does. He was able to motivate our employees with his ingenuity on health and wellness. They left his presentation on “What’s Your Why” with a new sense of purpose. A must see presenter!

Carmen N. Daniel
Worksite Wellness Specialist
Chief of Staff – Worksite Wellness
Georgia Department of Public Health


I first met Sean Foy at the WELCOA Summit in San Diego and realized what a fun, honest and energizing presence he had when I listened to his What’s your Why? talk. He has a welcoming and refreshing voice of hope, wisdom, and grace. Sean infused our Healthy PSU organizational health and wellness campaign with a new level of engagement. Watching our employees at Plymouth State University (PSU) connect while participating in the On the Move walk and listening to the Power of Purpose talk was amazing. Sean and the staff at Personal Wellness Corporation continue to make a difference everyday by inspiring others to embrace fitness and healthy living.

Denise Normandin, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian/Program Manager
Plymouth State University